A good technical and musical foundation is required for the development of musical ability and expression. Therefore, is it important to begin with these two fundamental components and to explore them in depth.
One of the most important goals is to discover, develop and enhance the individuals’ abilities as a soloist. The ability to express oneself in various musical styles and settings will lead to increased performance opportunities in numerous ensembles and orchestras.

The syllabus contains concepts for: 
•    individual lessons
•    trombone ensemble
•    trombone section for big band
•    combo
•    big band
•    jazz improvisation and harmony for both students and teachers
•    low brass instruments class (trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba)

for an example:
Concept workshop trombone section big band
•    rehearse existing and new repertoire
•    flawless and quick reading of music
•    blending of the voices in a section and finding a well balanced sound
•    dealing with the task that various voices have in the section (lead-, section- of solo) and in a big band
•    phrasing and style: interpretation of written music
•    intonation and timing
•    widen the dynamic range
•    enhancing of individual listening experiences