Orgel und Posaune | Amsterdam (Orgelpark)

10.11.2019 Orgelpark Amsterdam (Niederlande) 13.13 Uhr

!! Amsterdam – 11th of October 2019 !!
organ/trombone | Fink/Lehnen
We are honoured to announce that we are playing on friday a very special concert at the very unique international concert stage Orgelpark in Amsterdam, Niederlande
We are presenting our program „SEVEN for organ and trombone“, written and performed by Elmar Lehnen and Hansjörg Fink.
The concert will take place in the Orgelpark, Gerard Brandtstraat 26, NL-1054 JK Amsterdam at friday, 1:13pm (!!!)
Thanks to Johan Luijmes and his organisation team from the orgelpark Amsterdam for the invitation!
We are looking forward to that performance in one of my most favourite cities in Europe.

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